Accomodation At Philomath

Over 90% of undergraduates choose to live on campus in their first year. Available are single-student rooms, 2 students rooms and 4 students rooms. We’ve got accommodation to suit a range of budgets.

Type Of Room

Number Of bed Spaces

Rent per annum 

Room of 4



Room of 2



Why Live On Campus?

Application and first year guarantee

All first year students who accept Philomath as their firm choice are guaranteed a place in accommodation on the main campus provided they’re eligible and complete their application by the deadline.

All inclusive rent

Your rent will include utility bills, basic contents insurance, maintenance, communal cleaning and a contribution towards your halls activity fund. Your accommodation fees are paid on a semester basis, so it’s easy to keep track of what needs to be paid and when.

Safe and secure

All halls have CCTV. We also have 24-hour manned security officer for oncampus accommodation and mobile patrols. All student accommodation offered by Philomath has robust fire safety measures in place. All of our halls are signed up to recognised accommodation code of practice, guaranteeing your right to safe, good quality accommodation.

Flexible Adjustments

We also offer accessible accommodation and can make adjustments to our offer if you have additional well-being needs.

Medical, Wellbeing and Disability

Philomath University provides support and makes adjustments in campus accommodation, for students who may have health concerns, a disability or need additional care. It’s essential that you disclose your requirements when you apply for campus accommodation. Otherwise, we can’t guarantee that a suitable room will be available that best meets your needs.

What You'll Need To Provide

You will be asked to declare any medical conditions or disabilities and upload supporting evidence from your doctor or other medical professionals. This evidence may include:
  • How long your doctor or other medical professional has been treating you
  • Details of any medications you are taking
  • Clarification of whether your condition or disability necessitates a specific type of room (ensuite, accessible etc) and whether any adaptations or specialist support is required.